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Pulev Exclusively: Heavyweight Is Now Better Than During Tyson´s Era

  • Napsal V.Tauchmanová/A.Vavrda

Kubrat Pulev / zdroj foto: Sports YahooKubrat Pulev / zdroj foto: Sports YahooENGLISH VERSION (Věra Tauchmanová) – Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev (20-0) is waiting for the biggest fight of his professional boxing career. On September 6 he is facing Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko (62-3) in the boxing ring in O2 Arena in Hamburg. He has the one and only goal: to take Klitschko's WBA (Super), WBO and IBF world champion titles. brings you – exactly one month before the duel – an exclusive interview with thirty-year-old world number two heavyweight fighter who was born in Sofia and who gave us an interview willingly.


On September 6 World Heavyweight Championship Fight against Wladimir Klitschko takes place. How much do you appreciate this opportunity?

I value this opportunity as a gift from God.

In what stage of preparation are you now and what is still ahead of you?

There is only one month left, that means sparings, sparings, sparings.

Are you going to train at home in Bulgaria or in Berlin in Germany? And who are your sparing partners?

Boxers, who are my sparing partners, are very tall (about two meters). I train hard no matter where I am. Until now I was in rhe national sport camp "Belmekem" which is 2 300 meters above the sea level. It is an incredible Bulgarian base where I made a very good camp. It recharges me there in each and every way.

Your experiences from the amateur boxing are huge, you have beat very interesting opponents in twenty professional fights. However, all the thing that surround fights against Klitschko are extraordinary, he likes having everything under control, everything prepared. You seem like a self-confident person in the boxing ring, are you also prepared for the backstage fight?

I am prepared for the fight outsidethe ring, but unfortunately I am not influential and powerful enough to face K2 Promotions and Wladimir Klitschko. However, this day will come. I don't think that a world champion needs such a political play and everything to be so prepared and put together. I don't think this makes him a true world champion.

This fight started during the opening press conference – the reason was anti-doping controls. How does this situations look like now?

I don't think there are any speculations. It is quite simple, there are only two options: on his own free he can get tested (not only after the game) to prove that he is a clean and true champion. If he refuses to be tested, it will mean that he is using forbidden stimulants.

Boxing gloves are often discussed when Klitschko is fighting. Is it mention somehow in the contract?

There is a contract of IBF (Klitschko holds its IBF title) and strict rules that we will follow.

Is there something about a do-over in the contract in case of your victory?

I am a sportsman and if I win, I will give him a do-over, for sure. That is the way men and sportsmen do it. But I don't think he will want a do-over if I win.

You beat Alexander Dimitrenko and Alexander Ustinov in 2012. Wasn't it a bit disappointing for you that these victories weren't followed by duel with Klitschko? These two opponents appeared like a perfect opportunity to prepare for the fight against the Ukrainian. Did they gave you something you can profit now?

Not only from them. I try to gain some kind of benefit from each and every opponent I have on the ring. Since those victories I believe I grew a lot as a boxer. I think that I am ready and have all the needed qualities to fight and win the world title.

What would the victory over Wladimir Klitschko mean to you? The peak of your sports career?

I hope that it wouldn't the only peak, but just one of the peaks.

And what would it mean for your country?

It would definitely mean a lot for Bulgaria, but let me win first and then I will answer in detail.

By the way, is it true that you are a celebrity in your country also because of your relationship with a popular singer Andrea?

I think that I am a celebrity in my country mainly because of my success in sport. Nobody has ever had such a big success in heavy weight professional boxing.

Is it difficult to be a VIP person in your country? I tis not only your sports career that people talk about...

I don't think it is difficult but it isn't easy either. Being famous has its pros and cons. Unlike normal people you can't do whatever you like. Gossip media often exercises their creativity using my name which isn't very nice. However, I am used to it now. It doesn't bother me, it even entertains me.

Watching videos from your trainings and fights, it is impossible not to see you relationship with your coach Otto Ramin. He is smaller than you but it can be clearly seen that you respect him and listen to him – that is something hat other boxers and sportsmen miss. How would you describe your relationship? For long have you been working together?

I have been working with him since my debut in professional boxing. Otto has been the trainer of the national boxing team of Germany for many years. I get along with him very wel. I respect everyone who respects me. We get along great and I hope it will continue in the future. Him being a little shorter than me has its perks. When he positions for a certain punch anf I don't understand it well the punch goes over his head and I don't really hit him. Otto is a man who I can talk to on every subject. He is a very down to earth guy and people's person. That's why we are so close.

What do you think about these days' heavyweight fighters? Many fans think that, comparing to the past, i tis boring and that it lost its qualities.

I don't think that at all Our category made its progress just like any other category in every sport, not only in boxing. Just because heavy weight isn't of a high quality in America doesn't mean that it isn't good in the whole world. I believe that it it just the opposite. I think that heavy weight boxing is much better now than it was during the time of Mike Tyson. There are a lot of true fighters and very strong boxers.

Would you be interested in fighting in the United States or against someone from overseas – for example berman Stivern, Bryant Jennings, Deontay Wilder, Amir Mansour?

It would be very interesting for me to fight with many different boxers. It would also be interesting if I fight across the ocean because I haven't got a chance to do so. It would be interesting if I have a chance to fight against Tyson Fury and to shut his big mouth.

British David Price has recently become a member of your stade Sauerland Event. You have trained with him. What is your opinion about David? And can he return to the top title fights that he left after being beat by Tony Thompson?

We trained together and we did a lot of sparing together. In my opinion, Price is a very good boxer and one of the best in heavy weight in Britain.

I have three questions about the Czech Republic for the end of the interview – have you ever been there and if so, where exactly?

I was in the Czech Republic as an amateur. I have some friends there. Czech people are great – warm and temperamental.

Last year (the year before) you invited Czech boxer Ondřej Pála to your camp. He had nothing but the words of praise for you. What would you say about him? And do you think that no matter that he was beat by Chisora and Price he has the ability to be a world class boxer? If not, what does he lack?

He is a very nice man and a great boxer. On the other side, I don't know well enough to say what he lacks.

Many people from the Czech Republic are going to Hamburg to watch your fight against Klitschko. It is quite close. What is your message for them? How would you invite them to the fight?

I would say not to miss this match because it will definitely be very interesting. They might also see Klitschko's loss and the victory of a new champion.

Thank you for your time and kindness and in the name of I wish you the best of luck for your fight with the Ukrainian world heavyweight champion.

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